About Us

The journey of Spark began in August 2017 as an initiative of Ambedkar Bhagat Singh Study Circle, IIT Kharagpur. But, with time, Spark emerged as an independent platform, with a steep rise in the readership from some students at IIT Kharagpur to many many more across the country now.

Spark is an online monthly magazine primarily for the youth and student community in India. The articles published in Spark try to analyze current and historical events to understand the world around better.

In the current atmosphere wherein the state and the corporate controlled media are in a constant attempt to propagate lies and fabricated news that suit their interests, it is our utmost duty to question those impositions. The intention of Spark is to provide an alternative perspective on issues that affect the majority of population. The reader may then use his/her critical understanding to come to a conclusion thereafter, to work for societal transformation. Spark aspires to bring forth the truth which is necessary for creating a society that has freedom and justice. Through this forum, the initiative continues to stand beside the struggles of students, youth, dalits, adivasi, minorities and other oppressed communities within its limited scope.

The responses of its readers and well wishers have been overwhelming since its inception. The co-operation of our friends has helped us to bring out the issues in three different languages.  The Spark team is thankful to all those readers and well wishers whose encouragement, criticism and contributions have made us feel that in coming days, we need to progress more to stand by the emancipatory struggles of the oppressed masses.