SEG Stands in Solidarity with the Struggling Doctors

We stand in solidarity with the protesting doctors who are on strike and wholly support their justified demands. We are deeply concerned about the well-being of the doctors who have been gravely injured and are deeply worried about the security of doctors whom the Government of West Bengal has cowardly deserted to their fate. By this, the Government of West Bengal has failed to carry out its basic duty to provide security to the life and person of the citizens. We vehemently condemn this unconstitutional action of West Bengal Government. We also condemn the role of a section of the media for their attempt to put the general people of West Bengal against the doctors and vice versa.

We deplore the high-handed and intimidating attitude of Hon’ble Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Bannerjee who was insensitive to the plight of injured and threatened doctors and showed no sign to resolve the situation in a dignified manner. Her threats only solidify our resolve not to bear with this tyranny but to fight against it in all possible manners within democratic means. In solidarity with the medical community we demand her unconditional apology for her behaviours and her promises that no such incidents of violence against doctors will happen in future.

In solidarity with the struggling doctors we demand that a Medical Personnel Protection Act be made, as is already there in many states, in Indian Parliament and immediately enforced. In case of delay in making such a law in Parliament it can be made in West Bengal Assembly and subsequently implemented. We demand enough security personnel in hospital premises and their quick intervention in critical situations. We also demand that Public Health Service be reformed and updated as an emergency matter, patient: doctor ratio is brought down to a reasonable limit, all tiers of Health Service be strengthened with man-power and resource. This is vital for the well-being of both the public and the doctors.

We appreciate the brave actions of Medical College Faculties, Principals and Superintendents who have submitted their resignations.

In view of the ongoing crisis and its unpredictable nature, in view of the Government’s stubbornness and utter disregard for the health of its citizens we implore the medical community to continue with the emergency and critical care services. If no solution is achieved quickly and the movement goes into a long-term phase we appeal to your compassion for your patients that a provisional health service be formed beside the government set-up which is almost completely shut-down now and might remain so for indefinite period.

We wish success for your justified movement and hope that a reformed and rejuvenated health system may come out of this.

– Science Education Group (SEG), IIT Kharagpur ( |

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