Scholars from S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences in Support of NRSMCH

Following the incident of the severe attack on the junior doctor by a mob summoned by the family members of a patient died in NRS Medical College and Hospital, the fellow doctors throughout the city and other places have been demonstrating for their safety at the workplace. In place of taking proper action and providing a proper solution to the situation, the Chief Minister has only conveyed threatening and stubborn attitude, in-effect declaring war against the junior doctors demonstrating for their rights. The quality of medical facilities has gradually deteriorated through the years following the historical movement by the junior doctors in 1984. The government hospital regularly observes the death of patients due to inadequate infrastructure, in turn resulting in frequent outrage of the people from the patients’ family and surroundings, victimizing the doctors. The only response by the government has been the blank assurance of safety.

Currently, the common scenarios of the government hospitals are worn out infrastructure, insufficient doctors and freely moving brokers. Medical colleges and super-specialty hospitals are being built without the aid of proper planning and infrastructure in the districts and suburbs under the ‘triumph of Unnayan’. The euphoria of the private hospitals, in conjunction with the patronage of the government, mislead the public towards the idea that the government hospitals and associated doctors are inactive and inefficient, only being a forceful refuge of the poor people. Hence, the process as a whole suppresses the idea of Universal Health for all and promotes more and more privatization of the health sector. In any circumstances, the government cannot deny its responsibility of providing adequate facility ensuring a safe environment in the perspective of both the patients and the doctors. We, the scholars of S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, express our full solidarity towards the core intention of the ongoing movement of junior doctors. We demand prompt action from the side of the government to ensure the establishment of orderliness in the society through the fulfillment of the demands of the protesting junior doctors.

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