Pulwama – Is This Night Without its Dawn

The recent deaths of more than 40 CRPF personnel in Pulwama have shaken the whole country. The whole mass of people is divided into two sects. The ruling BJP-RSS Hindutva nexus have left no opportunity to turn this incident into a tide of blind nationalism leading in a blind ditch. Where on one hand a section of common masses are the victims of this blind nationalism, at the same time, in one noticeable section, a question which is of utmost urgency and importance has come up: “What are the real powers behind this game of blood, game of life and death which is continuing in Kashmir, How and why they have made Kashmir a valley of devastation for Kashmiri people?” Today the situation of the whole world, specially the situation of Asia can be compared to the situation of burning-smoldering-blubbering-fighting Kashmir. You will find that in Asia, specifically in west Asia, the only fault of people is that they are situated on the lakes of oil. The lakes of oil which are similar to the blood flowing through the neck of world economy. Due to this situation, the whole mass of people of west Asia and dozens of their generations, who are caught up in the blood soaked jaws of the imperialist demons responsible for war, are being forced to reduce their meaning of life to the static catastrophe of war.

In the same view, if we see Kashmir the only major fault of the people of Kashmir is that Kashmir is standing at that estuary of South and West Asia which is very important place from its socio-political point of view.  For Indian subcontinent, Asia and for any ruling power of the world, to occupy Kashmir or to maintain the forced occupation is of utmost importance. This very same socio-political situation of the heavenly Kashmir is present since its birth and has forced its dozens of generations to burn into the fire of hell continuously. Isn’t it so dreadful that historically and traditionally peace loving generations of the land of Sufi saints are doomed to spend their life crying-shouting-fighting-dying with every passing generation.

In the previous issue itself, we discussed the havoc created in Pulwama. Now this is the time we should question the Kashmir policy adopted by the ruling class keeping their political, economic and military interests in mind. It is the time that by putting this question at the center, all students, young people and intellectuals particularly the conscious, aware, pro-people and sensitive public stand firm against the efforts of the ruling class especially the Hindutva fascist group to create a national chauvinistic frenzy in the country. It is time to stand against the violent, cruel and merciless war waged on the people of Kashmir by India, Pakistan and other foreign imperialist forces. It is time to stand against the efforts to crush the right to life and choice of sustenance of the people of Kashmir and portray their democratic rights as religious fundamentalism and it is time to raise voice against the unjust wars that are being waged on whole of the general public of the country including the people of Kashmir. In particular, the attacks on the Kashmiri people living outside of Kashmir by the BJP-RSS group in the name of Pulwama attack must be immediately stopped in an effective way.

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